Rob Adams

Rob Adams is a Licensed Professional Engineer and Certified Management Accountant.  Since 1984, Mr. Adams has been involved with nearly 200 hundred Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations varying from 25 to over 2000 total installed horsepower.  Although he has a wide variety of station application experience with the design, manufacturing, construction of and support of CNG stations and equipment, his primary focus has been medium to large, high performance installations.

Mr. Adams is recognized as an expert in the upgrade of vehicle garage and storage facilities to safely accommodate CNG vehicles indoors.  He is one of very few engineers in North America with experience in the design of indoor fueling rooms.

Rob Adams also holds a professional accounting designation and an MBA in Finance.  This extensive financial training and his intimate technical knowledge of the CNG infrastructure market give him the skills to provide detailed financial analysis for proposed CNG projects.

Mr. Adams has provided customized training materials and support for nearly 25 years.  This service is currently marketed under the brand “CNG U."

Rob Adams has long recognized the need for effective training of industry personnel. He believes that the success of the industry is achieved one project at a time. Through training, he is able to assist personnel in every role to ensure the success of their operation. Rob’s CNG U training programs are all customized to each group needs.


Permitting Requirements for CNG Stations and Building Modifications: Rob has assembled a training program for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)--Building and Fire Inspectors to train them on the code requirements and practical real world application of these codes affecting CNG station design and building/facility modifications and upgrades. This course is conveniently delivered at the client site and has been highly rated.

CNG Station Design Fundamentals: Rob has provided CNG Station technical instruction to staff from most of the CNG station and component manufacturers, CNG industry consultants (our competitors) and to a wide variety of CNG Station owners and operators. This training is customized to suit the needs of engineering, marketing or operations staff.

CNG Maintenance Standard Operating Procedures: Rob reviews customer equipment and develops customized Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) specific to a particular site or Owner. Rob will provide training for these SOPs.

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