Jerrold Hutton

Jerrold Hutton is a degreed Automotive Engineering and holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership.  Since 1978, Dr. Hutton has been employed in academia creating advanced energy programming & training facilities and employment with a number of the advanced fuels industry companies as well.  Although he has a wide variety of advanced fuels experience globally, Dr. Hutton has spent the last few years focusing on fleet analysis and on-going fleet advising to meet the growing demand.
Dr. Hutton is recognized as a leader in the upgrade of fleets changing over to advanced fuels from a holistic perspective.  He is one of very few engineers in North America with experience with not only natural gas but propane autogas, both vehicular applications and fueling requirements. This extensive OEM interface, global experience in engineering/technical sales and product applications give him the skills to provide detailed training and real world analysis for fleet operators.
Dr. Hutton provides training materials for first responders for natural gas, CNG & LNG, and propane autogas as well.

Course Title:   Operator Introduction to Propane (LPG) AutoGas Vehicles

Description: Safety is the most critical training need for AutoGas drivers and mechanics because of their daily contact with the fuel delivery system, storage and fueling equipment.  This half-day course trains drivers and fleet personnel how to safely drive, fuel and maintain today’s AutoGas vehicles.  Drivers will receive detailed training on the safe operation of dispensing equipment and safety systems located at the fueling station and on vehicles.  Operators receive in-depth instruction regarding safe practices, fire safety systems located at the maintenance facility, the fueling station and on AutoGas powered vehicles, as well as safe operation of AutoGas dispensing equipment.  Where applicable, drivers will explained vehicle operation requirements which may be specific to the vehicles in use in their fleet.

(NOTE:  Currently, there are no nationally recognized AutoGas Fuel System Inspection requirements.)

Course Title:    AutoGas Fuel System Integration and Conversion for Technicians       

Description:  This three day course is designed to train students in the theory and operation of AutoGas Vehicles and the integration of AutoGas fuel systems to existing gasoline or diesel platforms.  It will provide detailed technical, component level, information and background to automotive engineers, technicians and service providers.  Emphasis is placed on safety concerns and the environmental impact of switching to an alternative fuel.   Additional emphasis is placed on nationally recognized codes and standards to ensure a safe and code compliant conversion.  The course is not intended to replace manufacturer specific training nor does it present itself as authorized factory representatives.  ASE does not currently have a separate certification program for AutoGas fuel system installers.

Course Title:   AutoGas 101

Description: If you are new to AutoGas vehicles, and need to understand the technology and want to avoid mistakes made by others in the past; this course is a must for you. In just a half day, you will understand AutoGas vehicles and fueling and how they can be successfully incorporated into your fleet.   This course in AutoGas vehicles and fueling covers all the need-to-know information. You will learn about using AutoGas as a transportation fuel,  how it differs from other alternative fuels and how managing a AutoGas powered fleet presents challenges and rewards. You will learn information about the specific models of OEM vehicles available in the fleet today.

First Responders Safety Training Agenda: Introduction to Gaseous Fuels

Description: This course is designed for first responders to gain an understanding of advanced fuels, advanced fuel vehicles and advanced fueling technologies when responding to an unfortunate incident.
This course is one day, comprising of 4 hours in classroom training and 4 hours vehicle & fueling technology demonstrations.


Gaseous Fuels Fleet Analysis, Advising and Recommendations

Description: As a global economy weighs heavy on fleet operations, advanced fuels brings with it the ability to improve the economic, energy, and environmental performance on a day-to-day basis. You as the fleet manager are tasked with identifying options that will save on fleet operational costs, improve vehicle efficiency, or help meet organizational sustainability goals. Advanced Fuel Fleet Advising, part of Alternative Vehicle Fuel Training Network, can assist you in determining your best options. We have the solutions and strategies that will best fit with your fleet’s operating goals and maximize your fleet’s potential

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