Gaseous Fuels Fleet Analysis

Advising and Recommendations

As a global economy weighs heavy on fleet operations, advanced fuels brings with it the ability to improve the economic, energy, and environmental performance on a day-to-day basis. You as the fleet manager are tasked with identifying options that will save on fleet operational costs, improve vehicle efficiency, or help meet organizational sustainability goals. Advanced Fuel Fleet Advising, part of Alternative Vehicle Fuel Training Network, can assist you in determining your best options. We have the solutions and strategies that will best fit with your fleet’s operating goals and maximize your fleet’s potential.

Our combined Team of experts in Advanced Fuels has worked with numerous public and private fleets on a variety of projects to improve the economic performance, efficiency and environmental sustainability of fleet vehicles for well over 3 decades. The AFV Team has completed advising, training and implementation projects such as vehicle conversions, replacements, and station installations; and fleet planning services designed to launch the fleet’s organizations long-term policies and best practices for managing high performing vehicle fleets.

With our extensive experience, AFFA can support and implement any fleet’s goals around economic performance, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Advanced Fuels Fleet Advisors will work with your fleet to provide detailed consultative reports and technical advice to assist with everything from planning and strategy development to technology deployment. These areas are, but not limited to: 1.) Options Assessments and Planning Services; 2.) Technical & Project Development Assistance; and 3.) Monitoring, Follow-up & Training Services. We would present your fleet analyses in written and graphical form.
Typically, the cost for these services will range depending on fleet size and complexity. In order to provide a quote, AFFA would request specific fleet data and agree upon a scope of work with the client.

Training for vehicle operators, technicians and first responders is critical in this new up and coming technology. The AFV Training Network can support many of these training needs with available training including CNG, LNG and Propane Autogas for fleet vehicle technicians & drivers, fueling station operators and CNG cylinder inspection.
Please e mail us or give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you as you embark on this new and exciting time for your fleet operations and goals.

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