Franz Hofmann

Franz was born and raised in Central Texas and has worked in the transportation industry for more than 4 decades in various capacities including diagnostics and repair, training, service and fleet management and all areas of alternative fuels.

Areas of demonstrated expertise in alternative fuels include:

  • Engine research
  • Emission controls
  • Diagnostics and training
  • Fleet evaluation
  • Fleet conversions
  • Code compliance
  • Curriculum development, all fields related to alternative fuels

Franz attended the University of Texas and taught at Austin Community College and participates in student mentoring programs for numerous educational organizations.

First introduced to natural gas powered vehicles in 1972, Franz was an early participant in alternative fuels.  Often called one of the “senior” members of the fraternity of alternative fuel professionals, Franz has been fully active in LPG, CNG, and LNG engine fuel systems and training technicians to convert vehicles and perform diagnostics and repairs since 1988.

Franz was one of the first automotive professionals to be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence as a Master Automotive Technician in 1976.  He continually re-certified as an ASE Master Automotive Service Technician.  In 1986 he added ASE Master Heavy Duty Truck Technician and in 1992 he added ASE F-1 Alternative Fuels and L-1 Advanced Vehicle Performance.  Franz has served on multiple ASE advisory taskforces for the development of new certification examinations since 1994.

Franz is certified by the Railroad Commission of Texas as a Category “E” LPG Company Representative and Category “III” CNG Company Representative, the highest level of professional certification for LPG and CNG, with additional L-1 Motorfuel certifications.  Franz served as the Railroad Commission’s resident automotive expert for more than 18 years with emphasis on CNG and LPG technical interpretation.

Franz is recognized as an expert on fleet training with emphasis on engine-fuel systems, system inspection (CNG and LPG).  In addition, Franz has recognition by many North American and European alternative fuel equipment manufacturers as a qualified installer and instructor.

Initial Consulting:

Franz can provide initial consulting to quickly assist a client with performance or technical issues.  If you require a fresh look at a project that is not performing, let Franz review current project plans, technology reviews or provide professional guidance.

Long-Term Consulting:

Franz provides technical support for the duration of a project.  If the client requires long term support or technical assistance, Franz can provide customized performance agreements based on the client’s needs.

Customizable Content:

Each project delivered by Franz is tailored exclusively for each client.  Franz does not use a cookie cutter approach.  Training material or other requested curriculum content is freshly researched for the client, but is based on over four decades of consistent delivery of professional results.

Course Title:   Operator Introduction to Propane (LPG) AutoGas Vehicles

Description: Safety is the most critical training need for AutoGas drivers and mechanics because of their daily contact with the fuel delivery system, storage and fueling equipment.  This half-day course trains drivers and fleet personnel how to safely drive, fuel and maintain today’s AutoGas vehicles.  Drivers will receive detailed training on the safe operation of dispensing equipment and safety systems located at the fueling station and on vehicles.  Operators receive in-depth instruction regarding safe practices, fire safety systems located at the maintenance facility, the fueling station and on AutoGas powered vehicles, as well as safe operation of AutoGas dispensing equipment.  Where applicable, drivers will explained vehicle operation requirements which may be specific to the vehicles in use in their fleet.

(NOTE:  Currently, there are no nationally recognized AutoGas Fuel System Inspection requirements.)

Course Title:    AutoGas Fuel System Integration and Conversion for Technicians       

Description:  This three day course is designed to train students in the theory and operation of AutoGas Vehicles and the integration of AutoGas fuel systems to existing gasoline or diesel platforms.  It will provide detailed technical, component level, information and background to automotive engineers, technicians and service providers.  Emphasis is placed on safety concerns and the environmental impact of switching to an alternative fuel.   Additional emphasis is placed on nationally recognized codes and standards to ensure a safe and code compliant conversion.  The course is not intended to replace manufacturer specific training nor does it present itself as authorized factory representatives.  ASE does not currently have a separate certification program for AutoGas fuel system installers.

Course Title:   AutoGas 101

Description: If you are new to AutoGas vehicles, and need to understand the technology and want to avoid mistakes made by others in the past; this course is a must for you. In just a half day, you will understand AutoGas vehicles and fueling and how they can be successfully incorporated into your fleet.   This course in AutoGas vehicles and fueling covers all the need-to-know information. You will learn about using AutoGas as a transportation fuel,  how it differs from other alternative fuels and how managing a AutoGas powered fleet presents challenges and rewards. You will learn information about the specific models of OEM vehicles available in the fleet today.



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